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Managers, employees and young talents are grouped in teams of from 3 to 5 members. Each team leads a virtual company with the aim to increase its market value.

The participants have to make decisions about the main strategic choices that characterize the business scenario.
It is possible to assign a specific role to each member of the team (Marketing Manger, CFO, HR, Product Manager, etc.).

The decision-making activities are carried out within the team through a process of analysis and comparison.
The strategic planning, analysis of results, evaluation of competitors and the consistency between objectives, decisions and available resources are the key elements that determine the winning team.

Business Games for Corporate Training

Artémat proposes innovative and engaging formats in order to promote the improvement of the skills and performance.

The top management of the company expects productive, creative, and flexible managers. They have to be able to create the necessary conditions to better achieve business objectives.

A manager has to develop the ability to handle complex situations and face the change, the competence to interact with all business areas and share information with all the other roles of the organization.

The Artémat Business Games allow testing, boosting and developing the technical and soft skills of participants in engaging and effective way.

What Business Games do

Boosting and improving managerial skills in terms of analysis, decision-making and control. Building business acumen through the understanding of the complex links among different strategic variables and areas (Finance, Administration, Logistics, Production, etc.)
To evaluate the effects of the marketing choices on sales, revenues, market share, performance, etc.
To face, solve and make decisions on different and particular issues in order to achieve objectives.
Team members implement strategies communicating, sharing ideas and opinions and making decisions together with the aim to achieve the same objective.
Managing and optimizing the time in order to face problems, identify priorities and make decisions.
Participants present their strategies in order to explain their decisions and results achieved.

Business Games For...

Strategic Business Management • General Management • Administration • ICT Management • Business Strategies • Project Management Executive • Organizational & Strategic Change Management • Public Speaking • Marketing • Tourism Management • Corporate Finance • Event Management • Retail Marketing & Store Management • Human Resources Development • Human Resources Management • Problem Solving and Decision Making • Food & Beverage Management • Leadership and Empowerment • Green Management and Renewable Energy • Logistics • Supply Chain

Why Business Games?

  • They ensure a high level of motivation and engagement of the participants;
  • They make learning processes more effective, fast and based on experience;
  • They stimulate the development of relational skills, collaboration, sharing and team working;
  • They increase the ability to understand and analyse the different strategic levers that characterize the competitive scenario (Production, Finance, HR, Marketing, etc.);
  • They provide an immediate feedback, by transforming knowledge into action;
  • They stimulate problem solving and decision-making skills.

Business Games for Recruitment and Assessment

“Gamify” represents the latest keyword in recruitment and assessment activities. The concept of gamification is linked to behavioral psychology and organizational science: it is the use of game elements in non-game contexts in order to evaluate the technical and the soft skills of candidates.

The game dynamics trigger different discussions and issues related to a specific context. Candidates have to work individually or in team, showing their skills and behavioural competencies in order to achieve their objectives.

The role of the facilitator, often supported by an HR manager, is very important in the Business Gaming activities: he/she triggers reflection and discussion by an effective “direction” and managing the simulation debriefing activities with the participants.

Business Games for Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Artémat supports companies in innovative employer branding and talent scouting activities, designing and managing business simulation competitions (online, onsite, blended) in creative, fast and engaging way. Thousands of students, graduates and young talents have had the opportunity to demonstrate their hard and soft skills.