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What It is

The Business Game Studio platform (BGS) was created by Artémat using Java technology. The platform is characterized by a Java class library (BGL – Business Game Library) which allows to customise the different components of a generic Business Game.

BGS uses a specific formal language, BGLa – Business Game Language, developed by Artémat to design and implement the economic models (virtual scenario).

Every Business Game is represented by:

Input Variables are the Strategic choices for the different business areas (for example: Production, Marketing, Research & Development, Human Resources, Finance, etc.).

At the end of each round, the simulator calculates complex relationships in order to evaluate and compare the strategies of the participants and generate the results of the simulation round (for example: Key performance indicators, market share, sales, intellectual capital indicators, etc.).

Participants can check and analyse the economic and financial results obtained round by round (for example: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Indices, etc.).

Parameters are used to set the economic model on the basis of the business scenario. It is possible to modify the parameters round by round (inserting “unexpected events”) in order to change the scenario and test the problem solving skill of the participants.

Business Game Features

The Artémat Business Game Studio platform allows to design, develop and customize a new economic model on the basis of client needs: definition of strategic variables, key performance indicators, economic parameters, number of rounds, and much more.
Round by round, participants have to implement a strategy, and then evaluate the results obtained. The consistency between decisions and available resources, strategic planning and analysis of competitors are the key elements that determine the winning team.
The Artémat Business Games are among the first to consider the importance of Intellectual Capital in determining the market value of a company.
The web interface is designed to be user-friendly, eye-catching, and equipped with tools to help with business analysis (reports, calculator and other information).