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What they are

Our Business Games are “unconventional” training tools: intuitive, dynamic and engaging. We believe that the best learning takes place by doing. Business Games are innovative training tools for management simulations that allow participants to experience the dynamics and logic of different economic scenarios.
The simulations put participants into a competitive situation and they have to use all their problem solving, creativity, strategic analysis and decision-making skills in order to win.

How Business Games Work

  • Composition of the Teams

  • Presentation of the Game Scenario

  • Starting the First Round of Simulation

  • Debriefing at the End of the Round

  • Inserting Unexpected Events

  • The Final Debriefing of the Winning Team

Our Business Games

Digital Start Up

General Management


Start Up

Eco Design


Cultural Events

Energy Management

Human Resources

Corporate Investment Banking

Start Up – single player

Business Games increase the level of:

Awareness 93%
Engagement 93
Problem Solving and Decision Making 96
Initiative 95
Team Working 97
Self Motivation 98
Resilience 95
Communication and Collaboration 91
Flexibility 94
Leadership 92%

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