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Business Games for Education

The Business Games are innovative tools which can be integrated into University courses, MBA programmes, Business School programmes and courses of Higher Education in Polytechnics and Colleges. They offer students of business theory a higher level of engagement with business issues.

Benefits for Students

  • The games are simple and engaging;

  • There is “competition” amongst virtual companies;

  • The learning experience is more effective and involving than traditional teaching alone;

  • The games are as dynamic as reality;

  • You are able to analyse the game results on the basis of decisions taken;

  • The simulations allows you to experience changing economic scenarios and develop flexibility;

  • Learn different and complex concepts (finance, economic reports, problem solving, management, etc.) in easy and involving way;

  • Learn about group dynamics;

  • It is a user-friendly web based tool.

Benefits for Institutes and Educators

  • We help you integrate learning by doing and learning by playing with more traditional lecturers;
  • When students ask for more innovative and non-conventional training, business games are the right choice;
  • We enable you to develop the hard and soft skills of your students;
  • It is a flexible and customizable tool in relation to your teaching objectives;
  • The games follow a logical cycle: evaluation – decision making – evaluation;
  • It is possible to show and explain different business concepts (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Market Value, Intangible Value, Strategy, Finance, etc.) in an engaging format;
  • It stimulates team work;
  • It is a user-friendly web based tool.

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