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Business Games for Training

The Artémat Business Games represent an innovative and flexible tool for training activities. The hard and the soft business skills of participants are tested continuously from different point of views and with many scenario changes.

What Business Games do

Boosting and improving managerial skills in terms of analysis, decision-making and control. Building business acumen through the understanding of the complex links among different strategic variables and areas (Finance, Administration, Logistics, Production, etc.)
Evaluate the effects of the decisions made on the marketing levers (variables) in terms of turnover, EBITDA, market share, performance, etc.
Face, solve and make decisions on different and particular “problems” with the aim of reaching a specific goal.
Training for successful management of a team through the definition of roles, identification of objectives, and the definition of the strategy and actions required to make it so.
Identify effective methods to optimize the time needed to face a problem, identify priorities and to make necessary decisions.
Players explain results with effective communication techniques which arouse interest and convey the message clearly and efficiently.

Business Games for Recruitment and Assessment

The latest keyword in recruitment is “gamification”: the use of features of a game to evaluate the hard and the soft skills of candidates in an individual or team-working context. The business games represent the perfect recruitment tool to achieve this goal: the game dynamics trigger different discussions and issues related to a specific context. Candidates have to work individually or in team, showing their skills and behavioural competencies in order to achieve their objectives.

Business Games for Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Business Games can be used in employer branding and talent attraction initiatives to increase the impact of corporate communications on participants, to promote corporate identity and simplify the identification of young talent.

Our Proven Process Produces for Talent Acquisition
and Employer Branding





Business Games For...

Strategic Business Management • General Management and Business Development • Administration • Finance and Control Techniques • ICT Management • Business Organization and Business Strategies • Project Management Executive • Organizational & Strategic Change Management • Public Speaking • Marketing & Management of the Communication • Tourism Management • Corporate Finance and Banking Management • Event Management (Planning and Management of an Event) • Retail Marketing & Store Management • Human Resources Development • Human Resources Management • Problem Solving and Decision Making • Food & Beverage Management • Leadership and Empowerment • Health Facilities Management • Green Management and Renewable Energy • Logistics • Supply Chain