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What It is

The BGS – Business Game Studio platform was created by Artémat using Java technology. The platform is characterized by a Java class library (BGL, Business Game Library) which allows users to customise the various components of a generic Business Game, to create different economic models on the same software platform. The simulation engine is executed within a web-server to allow different types of users access to the system through the use of the main popular browsers.
BGS uses a specific formal language, BGLa – Business Game Language, developed by Artémat to design the economic models. This kind of language is used to define the game’s variables and the mathematical relationships that describe the rules at the base of the simulated economic scenario.

Through the business game designed by Artémat, students, graduates and professionals can test their management and decision-making skills and can also develop strategic vision, by facing situations of risk and uncertainty to acquire a systemic knowledge of the enterprise and of the relationships within the environment.

Every Business Game is represented by:

Input Variables are the Strategic choices for the various business areas (Production, Marketing, Research & Development, Human Resources, Finance, etc.), on which each player has to take decisions round by round.

Logical and Mathematical Relationships are calculated by the simulator in order to evaluate the strategies of the players (as defined by: key performance indicators, budget, market share, sales, intellectual capital and value of the company, etc.) and the results of the simulation round.

Players can view and check the economic and financial results achieved by the virtual companies at the end of each round of simulation. I particular, the reports are composed by Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Indices, etc.

Parameters are used to calibrate and size the economic model for the target market and on the basis of the client needs. The Parameters can be modified during the game, inserting “unexpected events” in order to test the problem solving skill of the players.

Business Game Features

The Artémat Business Games use the web-based platform with client-server architecture Business Game Studio (BGS), made with JavaTM technology. The platform allows a high degree of customization of the Business Game. In fact, based on the specific needs of clients, it is possible to configure the competitive scenario, strategic variables, the measurement system of performance indicators, the economic parameters, the number of rounds, and much more.

The logical structure of each Business Game is constituted by a set of strategic levers (Input) and by a set of logical mathematical relations (Output) calculated by the simulator. Learning is a cyclical process for participants as they move through rounds of evaluation, logical decision making, and the revaluation of results as conditions change.

The Artémat Business Games are among the first to consider the importance of Intellectual Capital in determining the market value of a company.
The web interface is designed to be user-friendly, eye-catching, and equipped with tools to help with business analysis (reports, calculator, relevant data and other information).